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PWC offer building control services throughout England and Wales to ensure your project complies with the national standards found in the building regulations. We work with you from start to finish so you comply with the standards.

PWC are Government approved so we can offer a real alternative to the local councils building control services. Our inspectors are ready to provide a top quality and customer orientated plan and inspection service tailored to your needs.

PWC offer advice on design, plan checking, fire brigade liaison (where appropriate) and access issues. Our speedy plans checking service is supported with comprehensive site inspections as and when you need them.

PWC Building Control Services Ltd

Towcester Fleet Thrapston Warrington
(Head Office)
Unit 6 Selby Barns
Nr. Towcester
NN12 8AL

Tel: 01327 359400

Pending relocation,
please forward all
post to Towcester
(Head Office)

Tel: 01252 819707

Thrapston House
Huntingdon Road
NN14 4NF

Tel: 01832 732360

The Whitehouse
Wilderspool Park
Greenalls Avenue

Tel: 01925 730666

[email protected]

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